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    Top 12 Reasons Customers Choose Melvin T Morgan Roofing

    1. Professionalism – Everything we do is on a professional level, from the time you call to set up an appointment, to the time we call you when the job is complete.
    2. No Substitutes – Everybody that will be on your property is on our payroll.
    3. Quality – Your roofing job will be completed by one of our foreman’s and his crew. These guys know how to do it from experience and in-house training.
    4. Knowledge of Detail – Every job we do is done per manufacturer’s specifications.
    5. Supervision – We have two superintendents that work with our crews daily, making sure that your roof is being installed by our checklist.
    6. Safety – Safety is a big factor at our company. We have our own safety director that goes to each job to check on our guys and make sure they are being safe and acting in accordance with the safety meetings that we hold once a week.
    7. Communication – We all talk with each other throughout the day on how the job is going. If you had any concern on anything, you can call the estimator or ask the foreman to call us.
    8. Cleanup – Our men keep all jobs clean throughout the day on the roof and on the ground, by sweeping and blowing off the roof, and by raking and running a nail magnet on the ground.
    9. Roof Inspection – Every job is inspected by our superintendents.
    10. Follow-Up-Call – Every job we complete will have a follow-up-call by the superintendent. He will speak directly to you and see if you have any problems or concerns. If there are any problems or concerns, he will come out to meet with you immediately
    11. Successful History– We’ve been taking care of our customers for 32 years.
    12. Financially Stable – Ownership of two offices: one in Ashland and one in Lynchburg.