What Is The Best Way To Install Your Shingles?

Roofing companies have different opinions on whether shingles should be hand nailed or gun nailed. Here at Melvin T. Morgan Roofing we hand nail all our shingles. Over the years we have seen roofs that have had to be replaced long before the actual life of the roof due to the shingles being installed with a gun nail.

LeaFree Gutter Protection

Fall is officially here. The cooler weather and the leaves changing are sure signs of it. It won’t be long before the leaves start falling and you will need to pay someone or get on a ladder yourself to clean your gutters.

Need A New Roof?

Now that spring is here, many of you are thinking of some home improvements that need to be made.  If replacing your shingle roof is a home improvement that you are considering but you are not sure if it needs to be done, here is a list of some different items to look for: